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If you want live music at your corporate event (either it is an opening or a conference or a business anniversary etc.) you came to the right place. Our team offers several variations of set-ups to entertain your guests. Together we can discuss your ideas and plan the music schedule of the day. Live music is always far more impressive than any playlist and adds class to the ambience of the event.

Depending of the venue and the number of people attending, we can suggest you which of our ensembles best suits you. One woman show with electric instrument together with a DJ, duet with another instrument or a singer, a quartet or ensemble with percussions are only some examples of what we can do. Chose a set-up from our SERVICES section, tell us your repertoire preference, where and when you want to have the music and let us do the rest! Artistic Productions guarantee you the high level of musical performance, experience and consistency. Music has its way to create an unforgettable experience, especially if performed live!

Artistic Productions is collaborating with professional sound engineers and DJs and can also provide sound system support of the performance with some extra arrangements. CONTACT us to learn more.

Corporate events
Corporate events